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    2. 藝術塗料加盟電話

      CeboRustik CRAQUELE

      CeboRustik CRAQUELE

      High build decorative coating, with remarkable filling properties. When it is used to realize the Craquelé effect, CeboRustik has the right thickness to enhance the characteristic drawing of the cracked surface. Its lime based composition is needed to obtain the interaction with the intermediate coat CeboBreak. The surprising effect that is generated, creates unique and inimitable environments which, depending on the chosen colour, increases the value of modern or classic furnishings. The final application of CeboTech gives depth to the aesthetical effect with a soft colour, also ensuring appropriate protection to the surface.

      構建高裝飾塗料,具有顯著的填充性。當它被用來實現Craquelé效果,CeboRustik有權厚度以提高裂化表面的特性圖。需要它的石灰基于組合物以獲得具有中間塗層CeboBreak的相互作用。生成的驚人效果,創造獨特的,獨特的環境當中,取決于所選擇的顔色,增加了現代或古典家具的價值。 CeboTech的最終應用提供了深入到美學效果與柔和的色彩,還要保證在表面適當的保護。

      Effect of product category

      Effect of product category


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