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                                    CeboArt Pozzolano - CEMENTO

                                    CeboArt Pozzolano - CEMENTO

                                    Mineral high-build coating based on lime putty and selected marble powder, with a high permeability to water vapour and excellent resistance to moulds and bacteria. Thanks to its ductility of application, CeboArt Pozzolano can be used to reproduce surfaces with a smooth or formwork concrete effect. It is therefore ideal to create modern and minimalist ambiences, in all types of contexts, public or private. CeboTech finish gives depth to the aesthetical effect with a soft colour and ensures protection and water resistance to the surface without altering its permeability.

                                    礦物厚漿型塗料基于石灰膏和選擇大理石粉末,具有高滲透水蒸氣和優秀的抗黴菌和細菌。由于其延性的應用,CeboArt Pozzolano可以用來繁殖表面光滑或模板的具體效果。因此理想的創建現代和簡約的氛圍,在所有類型的情況下,公共或私人。CeboTech完成了深度與柔和的色彩審美效果,確保保護和耐水表面在不改變其滲透性。

                                    Effect of product category

                                    Effect of product category


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