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        • 藝術塗料加盟電話


          Research and Development

          Cebos Color built in time a team with various and complementary professional proficiencies: from laboratory formula research, to the application cycles survey, from marketing to graphic designer.

          A creative department in which, every day, new projects take shape, new trends in design and colour are studied, products and solutions are refined, to search for beauty and for the authentic Italian style.

          A continuous evolution, respect for tradition and for the cultural heritage acquired, make Cebos Color a benchmark to look at for innovative solution able to combine creativity and convenience.


          Effect of product category

          Effect of product category


          加盟電話:4008-532-818 / 186-7899-6577

          官方網站:www.egyptcab.com 藝術塗料
          華北大區金福彩票人工计划首页:青島市海爾路63號數碼科技中心 總部:上海市青浦區華隆路1777號
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